15 Reasons Why The Galaxy S7 is Better Than The HTC 10

What’s up guys, Steven here and if you’re looking for a new android phone, odds are that the Galaxy S7 and HTC 10 have crossed your mind. So in this fifteen part review we’re going to be looking at 15 reasons why each phone could be considered better than the other. Let’s go ahead and get right into it.

Reason number 1:

Wireless charging. Built in wireless charging allows you to charge the phone on any charging pad, whether you’re at home or at a coffee shop.

Reason number 2:

IP68 water and dust resistance. The S7 won’t get damaged from accidental spills. This also allows for easier cleaning after using the phone with dirty hands.

Reason number 3:

Quick launch camera. From any screen on or off you can quickly launch the camera with a double tap of the home button so you never miss a photo.

Reason number 4:

Micro USB charging port. Unlike the HTC 10’s USB type C port, the S7 comes with the long time standard micro USB input, which means less new cables you’ll end up having to buy.

Reason number 5:

One handed operation. Triple pressing the home button shrinks the screen, making it a lot easier to use with one hand.

Reason number 6:

Multi-window multitasking. Run two apps on the screen at the same time taking full advantage of the large 5.1 inch display.

Reason number 7:

Samsung pay. This works almost anywhere like a normal credit card, compared to android pay which only works at terminals with NFC technology.

Reason number 8:

Heart rate sensor. Using the sensor you can easily track your heart rate with the included S Health app.

Reason number 9:

Included OTG adapter. With the included adapter you can easily connect USB peripherals to the phone like a keyboard; mouse or flash drive.

Reason number 10:

Always on display. This feature shows the time and date when the screen is off, for quick information at a glance.

Reason number 11:

Private mode. This allows you to hide sensitive files like pictures or videos which are only accessible to you by fingerprint or password.

Reason number 12:

SOS messages. Triple pressing the power button can send a quick alert to emergency contacts including your GPS location, a photo from the front and rear cameras along with a short audio recording.

Reason number 13:

Smart stay. This feature uses the front facing camera to prevent the phone’s display from turning off while you’re looking at it.

Reason number 14:

Smart alert. If you have an unread message the S7 will vibrate when you pick it up, letting you know about it without having to look at the screen.

Reason number 15:

Game tools. From locking the capacitor buttons to blocking alerts while you’re playing, this feature takes gaming on the S7 to the next level.

Alright so those are the top 15 reasons why the Galaxy S7 could be considered better than the HTC 10. Now the word better is subjective so be sure to watch for the HTC 10’s version which will be released shortly. We will also be doing a review of the best tablets under $100 on the market, so please subscribe and watch for that update.