About our Products

Quick Change Coin Dispenser – model 120 and 150

The Quick Change Coin Dispenser is a robust seven tube coin dispenser. Usually configured to have £1, 50p 20p,10p, 5p, 2p and 1p coins (or other currency) this coin dispenser has labeled plastic funnels at the top to guide coins easily into there respective tubes. Each coin tube has a window to allow operators to see how much coinage is in the tube. The sturdy mechanism is protected by a stainless steel satin cover to ensure robustness. The coin dispenser is provided with 2 slots on the back for spigot mounting on cab door or partition. The smaller 120 model carries the same mechanism as the larger 150, however, is more portable, and easier to fit into cramped spaces. These British manufactured machines are designed for heavy industrial use. All internal parts are made of durable steel, while the plastic fittings are robusty made. We also stock all spare parts, so in the unlikely case of damage, the machine can easily be repaired.

Portable Cash Trays

The Cash tray is a secure portable tray constructed in powder coated steel with four internal compartments. The lid is hinged along the whole unit for strength and the unit comes with a aluminium handle to allow easy transport. The Tray can be fitted to a mounting plate, included with product, which can be secured to a convenient point in the drivers cab.

Dimensions (aprox): 300.5mm (lenght), 65mm (depth), 100mm (width)

Cash Bags

Made from brown leather with quality stitching, these robust brown cash bags, have two interior pockets for storage of notes and coins. Featuring a secure metal fastening for top, and riveted leather carry strap with adjusting buckle. Ideal for heavy use.

Body Dimesions:(aprox) 230 x 206 mm

Tender Tray

Robustly constructed from powder coated aluminium, the tender tray is designed to sit securly ontop of the drivers door with two mounting holes in the back and two ontop of the unit.The Tender Tray allows change to be placed by the passanger onto the table, speeding up transaction. This tray has the ability to fit the ‘Pendamatic’ coin dispenser and the ‘Quick-Change’ coin dispenser.

Dimensions (aprox): 355mm (lenght), 125mm (width)

Metro Coin Dispenser

A versatile coin dispenser which is based on individule coin ‘modules’ allowing for greater flexilibty in configuration.Configuration can vary from a single tube, to 7 tubes configured together. Made from stainless steel and plastic this robust unit makes storing and distributing change easy and secure. Further more, the Metro unit comes with a number of accesories such as the table fitting which allows a cab driver to slide change from a coin table directly into the unit speeding up transaction time.

Metro units are ideal for customers who require for example multiple tubes of the same denomination, or may require a smaller or large unit, e.g 4 tube unit. The Metro coin dispenser unit is manufactured to the highest standards in Great Britain and shipped globally. We offer highly competative prices.

We also stock a comprehensive range of spare parts for these units as well as providing a repair, conversion and upgrade service for Pendematic and Cambist coin dispensers.

Dimensions (aprox); 240mm (length),104mm (hight), 60mm (width).

Cash Call Coin Dispenser

A six tube plastic coin dispenser with rear mounting plate. Takes £2, £1, 50p, 20p, 10p and 5p coins. Robustly made with springs in tube to feed coins out at top. Can be mounted to bus or worn on person to allow rapid and secure distribution of change.

Dimensions (aprox): 190mm (length), 120mm (hight), 70mm (width)